FoodCoach helps consumers to improve diets by simply analyzing their digital receipts.

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86% of citizens in developed countries eat too much salt1

Excessive intake of sodium, saturated fat, sugar can lead to diet-related diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, reduced life expectancy2,3

1: Chappuis, A., et. al. (2011). Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)

2: Bochud, M., et. al. (2012). Public Health Reviews

3: Forouzanfar, M.H. et al. (2015). The Lancet


The FoodCoach project leverages existing retail data to develop digital solutions
that combat diet-related diseases.

Retail data

We use digital receipts from loyalty cards & product ingredient data from food composition databases.

Improve health

FoodCoach increases nutrition literacy, tailors health interventions & allows scalable, automatic monitoring of diet intake.

Combat diseases

FoodCoach enables scalable & inclusive mHealth, aims to contribute to mitigating diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes & hypertension.

Our research focus:

Digital Receipts

With digital receipts, consumers receive an electronic copy of their grocery purchases that allows for analyzing food choices in the supermarket.

Diet Monitoring

FoodCoach processes digital receipt and ingredient data. Hence, it becomes possible to estimate dietary intake from household shopping data.

Tailored Interventions

FoodCoach can trigger just-in-time adaptive interventions, by leveraging data to tailor interventions to each consumer.

Scalable Interventions

Monitoring diets and keeping healthy choices is hard. FoodCoach makes diet logging a thing of the past!

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Our work is conducted together with our research partners.


Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG is a joint research institute at ETH Zurich and University St. Gallen with a focus on the internet-of-things in retail.

Swiss Society for Nutrition SGE-SSN disseminates information and ongoing research on nutrition and health within Switzerland.

The Center for Digital Health Interventions designs digital health interventions based on digital biomarker and digital coaching research.

GS1 is the world's largest standardization organization in retail & supports research on digitization in retail.

KAIST Institute is Korea's leading scientific institute on technology and IOT. KI also works on digital receipts.

Data Laboratory of Halla Univesity led by Jaewook Byun contributes by designing the scalable infrastructure for FoodCoach.


Bitsaboutme is a fully encrypted GDPR-based service that allows consumers to retrieve and process their personal data themselves.

Trustbox is Switzerland's largest manufacturer-mandated product composition database.

Openfood is the world's largest open-source product composition database and maintained by thousands of contributers.

FoodRepo is a product composition database maintained by EPFL.

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